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Spa therapy

Overnight to melt your body and mind with exquisite treatment

Apart from daily bustle, Relax in nature rich Akiu.

If you enjoy delicious meals and famous hot springs of Akiu,
Go to "healing street" where trusted therapists gather.
It is also a pleasure of the ryokan that it is possible to do a flush with a yukata.

The ultimate relaxation you can taste because it is spa therapy

All treatment courses prepared at "FLORA" bring out the maximum natural healing power,
With a special treatment technique, we will lead a tired mind and body to a deep healing.

Treatments received after warming the body with hot springs are satisfied with an unprecedented sense of openness.
You can enjoy exquisite relaxation that unwounds your body and mind.

Because we have a small aroma shop in the spa,
Please do not hesitate to drop by even if you can not receive treatment.
  • Therapy Room FLORA

    In April 2018, the salon was newly born and reborn.

    Beginning with counseling, from treatment to after-advice,
    We hospitality customers with attentive customer service and reliable technology.


    • Treatment MENU
      • Mind and body healing treatments
        "To live the life filled with the original vitality
        Energetically overflowing, Healthy Healthy Mind, Body, Spirit Sprouts "
        However, it is our concept.

        Others, menus for baby treatments and pregnant women
        Please enjoy various menus with both body and facial.
        I will increase more and more.

        If you have any requests,
        Please feel free to contact us.
      • Synth leape aroma to deep relaxation
        Easy to mind and body.With a treatment that is conscious of the head and the center line of the spine / spinal cord, we lead the body and mind to a deeply relaxed meditation state.Natural healing power is demonstrated and various malfunctions are headed for easing.
        Other, rejuvenation and activation of muscle · facial beauty · beautiful skin·
        Acne·Wrinkle·Proportion correction·Recovery from fatigue·
        It is expected to be effective for coldness, hair health, etc.
        Time required
        60 minutes·90 minutes·120 minutes course
        ¥ 10,000(tax excluded)~
      • Facial aroma
        Any skin problems caused by lack of water
        It is said.Three collagen formulations
        It fills with moisture to the dermis layer with gel of serum serum,
        It leads to a bright and transparent skin.
        Your metabolism of your skin has increased and it has been made lively
        Please feel the rejuvenating skin of the cell.
        Time required
        30 minutes course
        6,000 yen(tax excluded)~
      • ~The flow of therapy~
        1. Counseling ... Please fill in the counseling sheet.
        2. Change clothes ... I also apply a gel to my head and face, so my hair is disturbed and I can make up my makeup.Please note.
        3. Treatment
        Four. Dress change
        Five. After counseling ... Have a relaxing drink while having a hot drink

        【, About the turnover reaction,】
        Depending on our therapy, there may be a change in your physical condition.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are concerned.
    • Hospitality from our hearts
      • Our original organic essential oil
        Products used in various treatments,
        Use our original 100% organic essential oil.
        You should be able to fully experience the power of plants.
        For base cosmetics blending essential oils,
        A lot of serologists who have received tremendous confidence in therapists
        We are introducing Shining gel.
        We also sell in the spa.
      • Female attention and attentive customer service
        ●Careful counseling
        ●Full-fledged treatment
        ●Organic herbal tea at Relax

        Please enjoy Life from therapist.
        Please enjoy the healthier and more beautiful tips.
        I will advise you.
    • Other, Hot Dripping menu
      • Loose·Room massage
        In addition to "Therapy Room FLORA" in our hotel,
        Guests can also enjoy various menus such as massage and foot points
        I prepared it.
    • Therapy Room, FLORA

      022-397-1515(Extension 238)
      Business hours
      From 15: 00 to last order 22: 00