It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Sendai Station. Heartful Rantei stay wrapped in Orchid Kaori.Best price guarantee that reservation from HP guarantees
Sendai Miyagi Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei【Official】Best Rate Guarantee
Best price guarantee that reservation from HP guarantees

Sendai Miyagi Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei【Official】Best Rate Guarantee

Welcome back.To the inn that is kind to children, Rantei...

\, The reservation from the official website here is a good price! /

= Miyagi Prefecture's only Miki House Childrearing Research Institute certified "welcome baby inn" certified inn =

This is Sendai City Akiho Hot Springs.
It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Sendai Station. High speed IC is also very close and outstanding access.
Nestled in Sendai's Okuzashiki and Akiho Hot Springs, the hotel welcomes guests in a rich natural environment.

Cherry blossoms / fresh green in spring, sunset in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, snow makeup in winter.
Various beautiful scenery and clear air for each season enrich people's mind.
Rantei you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from everywhere, including lobby and rooms.

A nice thing of "city" and "satoyama".
That is Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei.

◆May 11, 2020 Lunch box takeout & delivery acceptance started◆
◆Cattleya&Coco Berry members from December 1, 2019◆
◆July 7, 2019, This facility's first Japanese + Western-style room open◆
◆February 1, 2019, Men's tatami bathing grand opening◆

=The best possible action at Rantei against infectious diseases =

  • Creating an environment that can be used with peace of mind

    ohshu akiuonsen rantei, we will implement "three-deep measures" to create a safe environment for our customers and employees.Please touch the image of "face shield" to see the special page.
  • Some facilities in this facility are closed

    In order to prevent infectious diseases, some of the facilities in this facility are closed.Thank you for your understanding.The following facilities are closed.
    ■Taste"Ran no Go"
    ■Karaoke cafe"Orchid"

    ※It may be added or changed depending on the situation.

= Important notice to customers =

  • About GoTo Travel Campaign

    This is an important notice from the hotel regarding reservations from the official website.Please be sure to check in advance for the campaign discount.※This facility is applicable only to accommodation plan
  • 【 Notification of change in check-in time and transfer time 】

    From Wednesday, April 1, 2020, check-in time is changed to 15:00 and check-out time is 10:00.
    The transfer time has changed accordingly.Please understand.

    Before change × ⇒ "Pickup" from Sendai Station East Exit 14:00 Departure "Send" Hotel 10:30
    After change〇⇒"Pickup" from Sendai Station East Exit 14:30 departure "Send" hotel 10:00 departure

\ I want to create a glamping facility where I can stay with my dog!  /

  • We started crowdfunding!

    At this facility, we have started crowdfunding for a new project.With the aim of ``constructing a glamping facility where you can stay with dogs along with hot spring facilities'', we aim to build a facility that will heal and energize the whole family including dogs! Thank you for your support.(The picture is the signboard dog of this facility! )

\ Lunch box takeout & delivery started /

  • Rantei's Shokado bento (lunchbox)(Delivery & takeout)

    ~5/19 (Thursday) Miyagi TV's popular program "OH! Bandes" introduced us to the bento of this facility.~

    Takeout & Delivery started from May 11, 2020! You can enjoy the Akiu mood easily at home by making popular cooked rice etc. into Shokado bento (lunchbox).There are 3 course choose from.We accept orders for more than 5 pieces.As a take-out benefit, 1 bag of 5 "Rantei original hot spring no Moto" will be presented!
  • One-day hot spring & lunch plan from 7/1

    In commemoration of the reopening of business, we started selling an advantageous plan that included Rantei original Shokado bento (lunchbox) and bath.We will prepare a private room for meals and breaks, so please feel free to relax! Please take in the fresh Akiu air into your body and refresh yourself. (2020.6.5)

\ Ryokan New Style! Outdoor mood also comes true /

  • Luxury BBQ at the inn

    I'm outside! Easy and easy BBQ with your family and friends! The luxurious BBQ with the added effort of an inn allows you to enjoy plenty of 7 kinds of meat and 3 kinds of seafood! Enjoy in a party mood!
  • We also accept reservations for overnight stays in the car!

    For those who wish to stay in a car for which the needs are increasing these days, we have started to provide a spacious parking lot for this facility.You can relax with peace of mind in the spacious grounds and the environment rich in nature.Staying with a dog is also OK! For more information, please visit the special page of the link or contact us by phone.(The photo is an example of dessert when ordering BBQ at this facility! )

\ Presenting sterilized water for medical use to staying guests /

  • Sanitizing deodorant water safe enough to drink"IPOSH"

    ~What is the medical disinfectant "IPOSH"?~
    It is used in many facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools and nursery schools because of its high sterilization power and safety.It can be used by many people, including families with babies.
  • Bactericidal deodorant water for easy disinfection and deodorization

    In recent years, even if you want to get sanitized products, you can't get them.

    Free germicidal solution for medical use is provided to guests staying at this facility.If you wish, please bring a container of about 300ml and ask at the front desk.

    At home, of course, at places where you are worried about staying at the inn! Please spend with confidence! The staff of the hotel also carry one person at a time inside the facility! The fungus disinfection performance is also performed at the Kayo show venue of the event in this facility.

    < Points to note >
    ※Please cooperate in presenting this screen on a smartphone or printing paper
    ※Please bring a container. (About 300ml per set)It is also possible to purchase for a fee

\, Recommended! Rantei Push plan/

  • Weekday Deals Coco Smile plan

    \, Services of Rantei/
    Traveling with young children is anxious. Rantei is a friend of such a family! We recommend a special coco smile plan only on weekdays that is full of family-only benefits so that you can enjoy with your family without any anxiety.
  • Coco anniversary plan with family

    \ Anniversary at Rantei /
    Spend a fun family trip with selectable benefits! It's packed with great benefits for children and daddy moms.
  • Smile full bloom! Coco 3rd Generation Hot plan

    \ Grandpa and grandma together /
    If you are a Rantei, you can Rantei assured at the large tatami-mat baths and barrier-free facilities. If requested, we will give you a fun song show. (Advance reservation required / Free for guests) We will help you make memories of a smiling family.

\ News by the Health Promotion Act (Passive Smoking Prevention Act) /

  • Smoking room (separate smoking area) completed

    The photo shows a smoking room on the first floor.
    The Health Promotion Law was revised and fully enforced in April 2020.Along with the enforcement of the Health Promotion Law, to prevent unwanted passive smoking, this facility will be designated as "non-smoking throughout" except for some guest rooms.
    Customers who smoke cigarettes (all cigarettes including electronic cigarettes)
    【Smoking room next to the front desk on the 2nd floor】or
    【Smoking room next to the restaurant on the first floor】
    please use.If you use a private banquet hall, you can smoke in the banquet hall only if you wish.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Oshu, Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei


7-1 Yumoto Kidoho, Akiu Town, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City

Telephone number



Sendai Station 30 minutes by car (Free parking available)
On weekdays only Sendai Station East Exit-Free shuttle bus service available(Reservation required)

≪Free shuttle bus≫
Operates on weekdays only, reservation required until the previous day.Approximate travel time is about 30 minutes.
【Greeted】Sendai Station East Exit 14:30 Departure `` Send '' Hotel 10:00 Departure
※The transfer time has changed since April 2020.Please be careful
※If there are less than the number of passengers, there may be suspension

≪For public transportation≫
If you use the Sendai West Liner Bus, get off at "Rantei Mae", and if you take the Miyagi Transportation Bus, get off at "Akiu Bunka no Sato Center" → about 7 minutes on foot(Pick-up consultation required)
Go to the traffic access page

\ Easy access from the center of Sendai city! /

  • Easily on the bus! Especially Western liner bus is recommended

    【, If you use a free shuttle bus,】
    Free Shuttle Bus Available: Weekdays only, until the day before 'required advance booking'.
    <Greeted>14:30 departure from Sendai Station East Exit 
    <Feed>Departing from hotel 10:00
    ※Pickup time has changed since April 2020
    ※Yes if there is less than the number of operators

    【, If you use the bus,】
    ■If you use Takeya Transportation, get off at "Rantei Mae".
     (Sendai Seibu Liner) Sendai Station West Exit No. 63 "Akiho Hot Springs · Go to Kawasakimachi" about 40 minutes
    ■If you use Miyagi Transportation Bus, get off at Akiu Bunka no Sato Center → Transfer is possible (Contact us)
     (Rapid Akiu Line / Akiu Line) Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool Platform 8"Akiho Hot Springs"

\, RANTEI seasonal push information/

  • We will hold a luxurious BBQ in autumn and winter!

    It was decided that BBQ, which was very popular in summer, will be held in autumn and winter! Along with the luxurious BBQ at the ryokan, you can enjoy Imoni in the fall and hot pot in the winter.Please see the reservation screen for the autumn BBQ menu!

\ Only in the prefecture! Certified as a welcome baby's inn /

  • "Facilities for families with babies]

    12/24/2019(Certified on Christmas Eve! )

    Thanks to you, Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei has received Miki House Child Care Research Institute's “welcome baby hotel” certification! Responding to the voices of moms who are pursued by day-to-day parenting, such as "I want to refresh!" "I want to have an experience that tends to give up in everyday life!" We hope you can spend extraordinary time.

\, RANTEI event information/

  • Campfire will be held on weekends until September! (Exclude some)

    Make a fun memory around the campfire this summer! A primitive man who sings also appeared? !! Details such as dates will be announced on the event calendar page! Please feel free to contact us for more information!
  • Rantei Autumn Concert

    9/19 (Saturday), 20th (Sunday), 21st (holiday/Monday) Autumn concert held!
    Let's get drunk on the authentic Hawaiian music & Tsugaru Shamisen during the fall night!
  • Presenting "Onsen no Moto" by posting on SNS

    If you attach the following hashtag to SNS (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and show the posted screen at the front desk, you will receive 1 bag of Rantei original "Onsen no Moto"!
    We look forward to your fun posting!

    # Oshu Akiu Onsen Orchid Pavilion # Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei

\ Rantei is also welcome for business use /

  • The last check-in of this facility is 24:00!

    This facility is relaxed and you can check in! The last check-in is at 24:00, so please come with confidence even after playing plenty.
    For Business! Please feel free to go sightseeing!
  • Corporate meeting plan

    In an unusual environment, you may be able to discover new charms and surprising aspects of your friends.
    Go a little from the usual meeting room, relax in the peaceful nature and hot springs,
    We hope that this will help you come up with new projects and projects.

\, Please drop in at the Orchid Restaurant's specialty "Healing Street"/

  • A moment of healing with spa therapy FLORA

    It is a spa therapy salon with a natural atmosphere with a pleasant sun through the trees.

    We offer a variety of healing course, including aromatherapy. You can also check and reserve the menu, so please see.
  • We perform with original essential oil

    Essential oil used in flora, "mitakuye". Our original organic essential oil.
  • Hogushi, room massage etc

    In the healing street of this facility
    We have various menus at multiple stores.

    You can choose according to your troubles.
    Please feel free to consult us!

\, Notification from staff/

  • \ The therapy menu changes/

    The spa therapy menu will be renewed on April 1, 2019. We have a menu to be able to heal your mind and body more deeply. We look forward to a trusted therapist who is dressed in a bright, natural warmth.
  • \ Men's tatami bath is 2/1 (Friday) OPEN /

    This time, February 1, 2019 (Fri) The male large public bath was reborn as Tatami bath! In July 2017, the Tatami Bathroom was renewed for the ladies' large public bath, and we received a favorable reputation for you in the shadow. Because soft tatami is hard to slip and has high safety, it can be used with confidence for customers who are concerned about children and feet. Please relax and enjoy the famous hot spring of Akiu.

\, Rantei PR Movie/

  • You can see the latest Rantei movies

    We introduce charm of Rantei an easy to understand manner.Please click to see the PR movie.(Jump to YouTube)
  • Introducing Fukuo's performance

    Introducing the performance of our Fukuo "Shoji Endo Shoji Endo".Why don't you add color to your family celebrations with surprises and fun performances? Free service for our guests! (Please contact us in advance)

\, Shop recommended information/

  • Rantei web site has opened

    Since October 1, 2018, we have OPENed Rantei WEB shop! Please feel free to purchase our original products, recommended sweets, local souvenirs etc.We are waiting for repeat such as "I was delicious" or "I want to use it again" from the bottom of my heart.From now on, we will add original assortment sets etc. to the line-up.If there is a request such as "If there is such a product!" Please do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Very popular even at breakfast! Green pepper miso

    ■Introduction of “Green Pepper Miso” that is also available at the breakfast buffet■

    The crisp green pepper and mellow miso flavor make it the best match for white rice! Rice, of course, put it on tofu, put it on a raw vegetable stick, arrange variously. Please try it at breakfast. If you like it, please drop in at the shop!

\, Lots of attractions! The first Sendai/

  • Sendai's 'Capital City'Sendai

    Sendai City, where Rantei are located, is full of various nature each season and is known as the “Capital City”. The area is dotted with leisure spots for adults and children alike, including large shopping malls and outlet malls, astronomical observatory and zoo, aquarium, whiskey factory and winery. In addition, because each IC is close, you can also go to Matsushima, a famous tourist destination, in about 70 minutes by car.

\, Rantei celebration inn/

  • Rantei celebration page has been OPENed


    "Celebration of longevity" "Celebration of children" "Two celebrations"···A celebration day celebrating life's milestone.

    I want to leave such an important day in the record as a "ryokan", "special space" and "directing of hospitality" in record and memorization. Rantei will help you to make a special celebration wonderful.

\, Our staff won Grand Prix! /

  • Hospitality Contest★Grand Prix Winner★

    The “Sendai West Area Hospitality Contest” was held on March 8, 2019 (Fri), and Mr. Masaharu Ito, a customer service representative of this facility, won the Grand Prix! 14 people from each inn hotel such as Akiho Hot Springs and Sakunami Onsen have entry. Among them, it was a brilliant grand prix. Without this, I will continue to refine my hospitality more and more in the future, including the award-winning staff and the staff.

Various services

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Reception hours 8:30 to 20:30