It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Sendai station.Heartful Rantei stay wrapped in Orchid Kaori.Best price guarantee that reservation from HP guarantees
Sendai Miyagi Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei【Official】Best Rate Guarantee
Best price guarantee that reservation from HP guarantees

Sendai Miyagi Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei【Official】Best Rate Guarantee

Welcome back.To Heartful Rantei...

\, The reservation from the official website here is a good price! /

◆July 7, 2019, This facility's first Japanese + Western-style room open◆
◆February 1, 2019, Men's tatami bathing grand opening◆

This is Sendai City Akiho Hot Springs.
It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Sendai station.High speed IC is also very close and outstanding access.
Nestled in Sendai's Okuzashiki and Akiho Hot Springs, the hotel welcomes guests in a rich natural environment.

Cherry blossoms / fresh green in spring, sunset in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, snow makeup in winter.
Various beautiful scenery and clear air for each season enrich people's mind.
Rantei you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from everywhere, including lobby and rooms.

A nice thing of "city" and "satoyama".
That is Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei.

\, Lots of attractions! The first Sendai/

  • Sendai's 'Capital City'Sendai

    Sendai City, where Rantei are located, is full of various nature each season and is known as the “Capital City”. The area is dotted with leisure spots for adults and children alike, including large shopping malls and outlet malls, astronomical observatory and zoo, aquarium, whiskey factory and winery. In addition, because each IC is close, you can also go to Matsushima, a famous tourist destination, in about 70 minutes by car.

\, Recommended! Rantei Push plan/

  • July 2019 Open! 2,000 yen discount than usual

    Our first Japanese + Western-style room will open on 7/7!

    "Because I have a bad foot, I have a place with a bed ..." "I like accomodation but I'm not good at sleeping with a futon ..." Responding to such voices, we offer a more comfortable inn STAY.

    It will be discounted 2000 yen per person from the regular rate now!
    In addition, the official website is limited to drink tickets!
  • Most Popular Kyokusui Zen (Standard Kaiseki Meal)

    It is a seasonal gastronomic restaurant packed with the taste of summer.
    You can also enjoy the specialty of Rantei"Seasonal rice cooked rice".

    Main of this summer's Kyokusui Zen
    "Mochi five eyes pot rice"
    It is a "luxury pot of domestic beef and swamp salmon".
    Both soup stocks are excellent!

    * It is a limited price only for official homepage
    *The summer menu is scheduled from the beginning of June to August.
    *It may be changed without a schedule
  • Coco Smile plan for Children

    \, Services of Rantei/
    Traveling with young children is anxious. Rantei is a friend of such a family! We recommend weekday coco smile plan full of only the family's benefits so that everyone in the family can enjoy themselves without anxiety even a little. In addition, since there is also a coco series, please check it!


Google Map

Hotel Name

Oshu, Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei


7-1 Kidoho, Akiumachi Yumoto, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

Telephone number



Sendai station - 30 minutes by car (free parking available)
14 o'clock on weekdays Sendai station east exit - free shuttle bus service(Reservation required)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Free Shuttle Bus Available: Weekdays only, until the day before "reservation needed".【Greeted】Sendai station east exit at 14:00【Feed】Hotel 10: 30 departure.Approximate travel time is about 30 minutes.Rantei Mae, if you use the Sendai West Liner bus, get off at "Rantei Mae", if you use the Miyagi Traffic Bus, get off at "Akiu Bunka no Sato Center" → pick up and pick up (required contact)
Go to the traffic access page

\ Easy access from the center of Sendai city! /

  • Easily on the bus! Especially Western liner bus is recommended

    【, If you use a free shuttle bus,】
    Free Shuttle Bus Available: Weekdays only, until the day before 'required advance booking'.
    <Greeted>Sendai station east exit at 14:00, "Send" hotel departed at 10:30
    ※In case it is less than the traveling capacity, there is a case of running cancellation

    【, If you use the bus,】
    ■If you use Takeya Transportation, get off at "Rantei Mae".
     (Sendai Seibu liner) Sendai station west exit number 63 pilgrimage "Akiho Hot Springs · Kawasaki town" About 40 minutes
    ■If you use the Miyagi Traffic Bus, get off at "Akiu Bunka no Sato Center" → transfer available (required contact)
     (Quick quick Akiu line)Sendai station west entrance bus pool No. 8 pilot "Akiho Hot Springs bound" about 30 minutes
     (Akiu line)Sendai station west entrance Bus pool No. 8 stop "Akiho Hot Springs bound for about 50 minutes

\, Spa therapy FLORA/

  • A moment of healing with spa therapy FLORA

    It is a spa therapy salon with a natural atmosphere with a pleasant sun through the trees. We offer a variety of healing course, including aromatherapy. You can also check and reserve the menu, so please see.

\, Rantei celebration inn/

  • Rantei celebration page has been OPENed


    "Celebration of longevity" "Celebration of children" "Two celebrations"···A celebration day celebrating life's milestone.

    I want to leave such an important day in the record as a "ryokan", "special space" and "directing of hospitality" in record and memorization. Rantei will help you to make a special celebration wonderful.

\, Rantei PR Movie/

\, RANTEI seasonal press information/

  • Tanabata decoration appeared in the lobby! 6/3 time point

    We decorated cool Tanabata decoration in the lobby again this year.

    Three major festivals in Tohoku summer, Sendai Tanabata, will be held on August 6th, 7th and 8th again this year. The eve of the 5th is a fireworks display! To the venue, because it is from the Rantei about 30 minutes by car, please put in based in the Rantei
  • It is the arrival of the fresh green dazzling season! 5/6 time point

    The season for cherry blossoms has passed, and the fresh green season has come to Akiho Hot Springs. You can enjoy the soft yellowish-green sprouts until around June. There are also many staff who say "Akiho Onsen has the most beautiful fresh green season". Please extend your legs and visit the fresh green drive!
  • Luxuriously delicious Miyagi ingredients ...

    There is a Kyokusui Zen Irodori Zen Ran-Tei Zen as a gourmet plan of this facility, but we started selling the luxurious multi-course meal plan that are on top.
    It is not just dishes to be luxurious. Special rooms and VIP rooms are also available for rooms. It is a plan that you can use in various scenes, hospitality to those who took care of, a moment when you spend time with important people. Please make a reservation!
    Please feel free to contact us for details.

\, Notification from staff/

  • \ The therapy menu changes/

    The spa therapy menu will be renewed on April 1, 2019. We have a menu to be able to heal your mind and body more deeply. We look forward to a trusted therapist who is dressed in a bright, natural warmth.
  • \ Men's tatami bath is 2/1 (Friday) OPEN /

    This time, February 1, 2019 (Fri) The male large public bath was reborn as Tatami bath! In July 2017, the Tatami Bathroom was renewed for the ladies' large public bath, and we received a favorable reputation for you in the shadow. Because soft tatami is hard to slip and has high safety, it can be used with confidence for customers who are concerned about children and feet. Please relax and enjoy the famous hot spring of Akiu.
  • \ "A suitable mark system" was issued/

    I have received accreditation for conformity to the display standards this time.
    Please use the hotel safely and with confidence.

    【, For suitable mark,】
    As unspecified number of people use the accommodation facilities, fire department plans to prepare plans for initial fire fighting and evacuation guidance at the time of fire and implementation of training, installation of fire fighting equipment such as fire fighting equipment and alarm equipment etc. , Management of stairs and evacuation outlets, etc., various fire protection safety measures are taken.
    "Appropriate mark" means that if the fire fighting institution judges that these countermeasures are being taken appropriately and is found to be in compliance with fire safety standards such as important building structure in addition to fire laws It is to be delivered.

\, RANTEI event information/

  • Pool business day■7/20(soil)To 8/25 (Day)


    The business day of the outdoor swimming pool only for the season of this facility has been confirmed! There is a shallow space for kids as well as young children to enjoy. Have a fun summer vacation with your family.

    Business period: 2019/7/20(soil)To 8/25 (Day)

  • In-house event calendar

    We updated the latest event calendar.
    I would appreciate it if you could refer us as we go out.

\, Shop recommended information/

  • Rantei web site has opened

    Since October 1, 2018, we have OPENed Rantei WEB shop! Please feel free to purchase our original products, recommended sweets, local souvenirs etc.We are waiting for repeat such as "I was delicious" or "I want to use it again" from the bottom of my heart.From now on, we will add original assortment sets etc. to the line-up.If there is a request such as "If there is such a product!" Please do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Very popular even at breakfast! Green pepper miso

    ■We also offer at the breakfast buffet venue
              Introduction of "green pepper miso"■

    The crisp green pepper and mellow miso flavor make it the best match for white rice! Rice, of course, put it on tofu, put it on a raw vegetable stick, arrange variously. Please try it at breakfast. If you like it, please drop in at the shop!

Information corner

  • 7/3 (Wed), 7/24 (Wed) are closed days

    2019/7/3 (Wed), 7/24 (Wed)
    The entire building will be closed for facility inspection.

    with this,
    Day trip hot springs on July 24 (Wed) and July 25 (Thu) are closed.

    Thank you very much.

\, Our staff won Grand Prix! /

  • Hospitality contest★Grand Prix Winner★

    "Sendai Western district hospitality contest" was held on Friday, March 8, 2019, Masaharu Ito, customer service staff at this facility, received the Grand Prix! 14 people from each inn hotel such as Akiho Hot Springs and Sakunami Onsen entry. Among them, it was a brilliant grand prix. Without this, I will continue to refine my hospitality more and more in the future, including the award-winning staff and the staff.

Various services

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Reception hours 8: 00-20: 00