Embraced by sunflower farms- an outdoor pool for kids
Scenic views of the four seasons Hospitality of splendid nature
We aim to be the most heart-warming shelter at Akiu Onsen
Be amazed by the foods of Tohoku, Japan
Be soothed by our exclusive natural tatami hot springs
Take in the picturesque mountain views of Akiu Onsen from our rooms

Akiu Onsen, the backyard of Sendai
Hospitality of splendid nature

Cherry blossoms in spring, fresh greens and sunset in summer, red leaves in Autumn, snow in winter…
The scenic views in the four seasons and the soothing atmosphere are heart-warming.
When “metropolitan” meets “mountains”- that’s Rantei at Akiu Onsen.
We strive for humble services like Japanese orchids and we look forward to your visit.



Fill up your stomach with hospitality of the best local cuisine of the seasons

We aim to make all our guests feel soothed and happy once they are seated- even that might be a short moment.

Extravagant breakfast buffet

Let our breakfast energize you and your brand-new day.
We serve family-friendly dishes.

Hot spring

Hot spring
Hot spring

Moisturizing exclusive natural hot spring
Soak in to purify your skin and your soul

Our exclusive hot spring is a chloride spring and thus gentle to skin.
It enhances blood-circulation; it warms up your body and your spirit.
Indulge in our open baths, which are separated for male and female guests.

Guest rooms

Guest rooms

Japanese rooms with scenic mountain views of the Akiu Onsen resort

Take your pick and be amazed- Japanese rooms with scenic views or decent western rooms.

We are a family-friendly
hot spring resort

We are the only "Welcome Baby Inn" in Miyagi
As approved by Mikihouse child & family research and marketing institute.

We fulfill your dreams- rental children's goods, a kids' space for children to enjoy all day long, and a game corner to give families “keys to enjoyment”.


A huge amount of nearby visiting spots for guests at all ages- large shopping malls, outlets, observatories, zoos, aquariums, and whiskey factories. We are close to interchanges so famous spots are all within reach e.g. Matsushima is just in a 70- min distance.

Be fascinated by nature of the seasons
At Sendai, “the attractive city of woods”.


Akiu Onsen is just in approx. 30-min drive from JR Sendai Station.
We are also close to driving interchanges and popular visiting spots.


Free for accommodating guests!
Sendai Station East Exit ⇆ Rantei (available on weekdays)

Getting here by railways
Approx. 15-min drive from JR Ayashi Station
Approx. 30-min drive from JR Sendai Station
Getting here by car
Approx. 15-min drive from Sendai Minami Interchange
Approx. 20-min drive from Sendai Miyagi Interchange