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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Extremely moist skin Facial care

    All of you, Hello.
    Rantei Room 3F Therapy Room FLORA (Flora).

    In May, the sun is strong and warm days have increased ^ ^ ^

    In the comingContinue reading
  • Is there a free pick-up bus from JR Sendai Station?

    【Weekdays Only】We operate.【Reservation required】

    ●Operation section, JR Sendai Station East Gate sightseeing·Shuttle bus stop - Rantei (AboContinue reading
  • Where is the nearest station?

    Ayashi Station JR Senzan Line will be the nearest station. From there, it is about 15 minutes by taxi.
  • Can I go by Sendai Station from Sendai Station?

    ① Sendai West Liner(About 40 minutes)/Get off at Rantei Mae
    Sendai Station West Exit No. 63. Kawasakimachi line. One trip in operation per hContinue reading
  • Is there a free parking lot on site?

    About 200 cars can be parked for free at the site of Rantei.There is no height restriction, so you can park a large bus or 4 t truck.BecauseContinue reading
  • Is it a group use, can you please ask for a private shuttle bus?

    As long as it is within Miyagi prefecture, more than 10 groups are available free of charge.(First-come-first-served reservation) Please notContinue reading
  • Can I have a day-trip hot spring?

    We also accept one-day hot springs.

    ●Time: 11 am to 5 pm (reception accepted until 4 pm)
     ※Every Tuesday it will be a holiday day for equipContinue reading
  • About the use time of the public bath.

    Bathing hours are from 11: 00 to 25: 00, from 5: 00 to 9: 30.

    ※From 9: 30 to 11: 00 is cleaning time every day.
  • Is there a celestial bath?

    There is one each for each man and woman.
  • Please tell me about the efficacy of hot springs.

    ●Izumi quality is iron-containing (Ⅱ), sulfur-sodium-calcium-chloride spring (hydrogen sulfide type) hypotonic neutral high-temperature spriContinue reading
  • Is there a sauna?

    Unfortunately, it is not.
  • Is there a private bath?

    Unfortunately, it is not.
  • Check in time, check out time.

    Check-in is from 15:00.
    If your arrival time is over 18:00 please be sure to contact us.You can use the lobby lounge even before check-in.

    Continue reading
  • What time is dinner and breakfast?

    ●Dinner: From 18: 00.  (Final/From 19:00)
    ※Please understand that if you arrive at the property after 19:00, we will not be able to prepare Continue reading
  • Is there a non-smoking room?

    As the number of rooms is limited, please make a reservation in advance.If there is no room in the non-smoking room, we will respond to usuaContinue reading
  • About the fixtures of the guest room.

    All the rooms have a fridge.Because the inside becomes empty, please use 3F vending machines and shops.
    ※We can not accept alcoholic drinks,Continue reading
  • About yukata with children

    There are yukata for children (large, medium, small).We will prepare a yukata robe that fits your child's size.
  • Do you have a Western-style room?

    There are 3 Japanese and Western rooms, 8 single rooms and 4 twin rooms.(All rooms in Western-style room are non-smoking)
    Even if you preferContinue reading
  • Is there a meeting room?

    There is a convention hall so please use it for conferences, training and meetings.White board, screen, projector (chargeable) are also avaiContinue reading
  • About the Internet (Wifi).

    Free Wifi is available within the facility.
    We have a computer for Internet browsing in the lobby, so please use it freely.
  • Is there a humidifier rental?

    Please ask the front desk as it is.
  • Please tell me the payment method.

    In addition to cash payment, payment by card is Visa / Mastercard / JCB / American Express / UC / DC / NICOS / Diner's Club / Life / Ion / OContinue reading
  • Can I send luggage from the hotel?

    It is available at the shop.Please feel free to ask.
  • Please tell me about your child's dietary content.

    For elementary school children, kids meal or a meal. We have kids meal for young children. (In case of meal plan)
  • Can I bring in foods / drinks?

    We can not accept alcoholic drinks, juices, sweets from outside in the facility.
  • Can you direct a surprise such as a birthday celebration?

    We will assist you as much as possible, such as preparing cakes and flowers.Please contact me.
    (Reservation required three days prior to arrContinue reading
  • About the correspondence of food allergy.

    We will be happy to assist you as much as possible so please contact us at the time of booking.
    (Please inquire 3 days in advance)
  • Are there places where you can drink tea, such as a cafe?

    In the tea Lounge "Kyokusui" (2nd floor), you can Lounge "Kyokusui" in a self-cafe style.Buy a cup for $ 200 at the shop.
  • Is there a place where you can eat at night?

    Inside the facility, there is a Restaurant "Ran no Sato", and you can eat ramen, dumplings, snacks and so on.
    Opening Hours: From 19:00 to Continue reading
  • Is there a convenience store nearby?

    7-Eleven and Lawson are located 5 minutes by car (about a 15 minute walk).

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