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Fukuo, I started.

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  • \ Fukuoka will help you with a good time /

    My name is Enoki, Shoji, and Shoji Shoji Endo.
    It is plus that it led the edge,
    With the desire to be happy
    It is called as an Shoji to bring Kotobuki (Fuku).

    If you use our hotel,
    We asked free seats for celebration seats and banquets
    We will perform the performance of folk song show.

    If you have a request please tell us when making a reservation.
    (Thanks for preparing and I appreciate it a week before)
    Requests of the day are also available if there is space.

    Please do not hesitate to hear from us!

What kind of performance? Check it out on YouTube!

  • Shamisen and folk songs are also handmade.
    The program can be requested from the repertory.
  • We will be able to respond to requests as much as possible
    We will help you make the most memorable!
  • <, Repertoire example, >

    (Songs of Miyagi prefecture)
    Sansa Shigure, Tairyo Utaikomi, including Komebushi, Shiogama Jinku, etc.

    (Songs of Yamagata prefecture)
    Hanagasa Ondo, Mogamigawa Funauta

    (Songs of Aomori Prefecture)
    Nanbu Tawaratsumiuta, Tsugaru Jongarabushi Rokudan Nanbu Tawaratsumiuta Tsugaru Jongarabushi Rokudan

    (Others, such as Showa Kayo)
    Ue o Muite Aruko, Suika, Tsugaru Heiya, Matsushima Kiko, Matsuri, Arigato Kansha, Hana wa Saku, Subaru, Kitaguni no Haru, Shonen Jidai, Kitasakaba, Aisansan, etc.
  • In the case of your order,
    "I want you to sing for Grandpa's goldfriend's celebration"
    "I want you to play the shamisen when giving a gift for a wedding anniversary."
    "I'd like you to do a seasonal Santa Claus when handing a child's birthday gift"

     ... etc…

    "What kind of gathering is it"
    "What kind of celebration is it if it is a celebration?"
    "Who is the protagonist or is it for everyone participating?"
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me.

that's all, A new specialty of our hotel? ! It was an introduction of Fukuo!