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Groups·Group Plan

  • Friendly group, company and circle, families group ...

    Groups of eight or more people, as well as dozens of hundreds of groups,
    We will support you to the fullest so that we can have fun and peace of mind!

    "Because there are some people who are injured in their feet, they are close to the elevator."
    "● ● There is one person who has allergies ..."
    "Can you spend it like this?"
    Please feel free to contact us if there is a request such as etc!
  • Rantei If backup fun feast!

    Fukuo, our bustling hotel,
    We will bring everyone up with songs.
    Folk songs from Tohoku and old-fashioned popular songs,
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a request!
    (Approximate travel time: about 20 minutes)

    \, Guests of the hotel can use it free of charge/
    =, Please contact us in advance, please reserve, =

    ※Fee may be charged depending on the content
  • Second party clubs and karaoke boxes too!

    【120 minutes All you can drink + All you can do without song + Appetizer】
    ◆One person 2,500 yen(tax included)
     Shochu·whiskey·Soft drink
    ◆One person 3,000 yen(tax included)
     Bottled beer·Sake·Shochu·whiskey·sour·Carbonated water·Soft drink

    \ If it is available, even on that day it's ok/
    If you decide in your heart that "it will be exciting!",
    Advance booking is safe!
  • \, Free shuttle bus in operation/

    If you are in the suburbs, we will operate a free shuttle bus!
    Secretary is also safe with a round trip (^^)
    There is a limited number of buses, so please come as soon as possible.
    Please feel free to contact us for possible areas.

    ※10 nights or more are available for overnight stays
    ※15 people or more on a day trip

    A free shuttle bus is also running on weekdays!
    Sendai Station East Exit ⇔ Rantei (Advance reservation required)
  • Orchid fragrant flower set◆Group plan

    We prepared a great plan that appreciated our daily patronage.Enjoy a refreshing time with multi-course meals with hot springs.

    ■1 Night/ 2 Meals·1 drink service plan
     From 10,300 yen per person(Excluding consumption tax and hot spring tax)
     Choose from bottled beer, sake, soft drink

    ■1 Night/ 2 Meals·All-you-can-drink plan with 2 hours
     From 11,500 yen per person(Excluding consumption tax and hot spring tax)
     Bottled beer, Sake, Shochu, Carbonated water, non-alcoholic beer, Soft drink

    ※To the above plan fee, 2,000 yen increase on Sunday and Friday,
     On the day before Saturdays and holidays, it increases by 4,000 yen.

    ■Second party 120 minutes all-you-can-drink & all-you-can-sing & snacks
     Solo Traveler, From 2,500 yen (Consumption tax included)

    ※Reservations are available from 8 people
    ※Above rates are for 4 people per room
    ※Cooking pictures are an example.The dishes and dishes vary according to the season.
     Please understand.