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Voices of young employees

  • We offer you full of fulfilling work and private.

    Cherish your meeting for a long time ....
    By encounter with customers, workplace collaboration,
    A heart of hospitality is nurtured.

    After a good job,
    Let's enjoy private thoroughly.
    A blessed environment awaits!
  • Employee dormitory is a nice apartment type

    The employee dormitory of our hotel is located on the premises 1 minute walk from the inn.The dormitory is a fully self-contained apartment type.The kitchen / bathroom toilet is equipped in the room, and switching on and off is perfect as private is kept.
  • 【, Department in charge, 】front desk, 2nd year

    ·Reason for joining
     Originally I liked the hospitality business, so I applied with a light feeling. Later, when I visited the company, I decided to join the company because I was attracted to an environment where people with various experiences and backgrounds were equally given opportunities to play an active role.

    ·When you feel the most rewarding / growth
     When customers had their faces remembered.
    Compared to the customer service, the front desk inevitably shortens the time to contact each customer, but even if you can give words of compliment such as when checking in at the time of checkout, we were able to have a good impression I can feel it.

    ·Favorite place of friend of Rantei
     I like the fact that there are people who can listen immediately if there is something I don't understand.
    At first I was nervous, but friendly people gathered so I could quickly get used to the workplace.

    ·Future goals
     To be able to communicate in English.
    There are not many in this facility, but there are foreign customers. Since I was not good at English since I was a student, I often relied on translation tools, but thanks to my studies, recently I have been able to do almost no problems with normal check-in.
    However, since it is still far from communication, we are aiming for further improvement in the future.
  • 【, Department in charge, 】Room staff, Third year

    ·Reason for joining
     The friendship of the seniors I felt during the company tour and the warm welcome
    A homely and calm atmosphere is the decisive factor.
    Because the dormitory was close and well equipped, you can rest assured even if you are alone for the first time.
    Because it seemed to be able to spend.

    ·When you feel the most rewarding / growth
     It ’s time for everyone to do a big group.
    It ’s time when you ’re happy, when you ’re praised.
    I was relied on by seniors and juniors.

    ·Favorite place of friend of Rantei
     Good place
    A place where you want to help each other regardless of the same department or different department.
    Where there are many interesting people.

    ·Future goals
     I will be a model for my juniors.
    Services are being simplified, but considering the best service among them
    We will do our best to satisfy customers.
    There are many things I still don't understand, so I will study.
    (Allergies and Japanese food)
  • 【, Department in charge, 】Room staff, 1st year

    ·Reason for joining
     I was longing for the customer service of the inn business since childhood.
    When I was in my third year of high school, when I came to Rantei on a company visit, it was exactly the time I was greeted.
    At that time, the sisters in the room greet customers constantly with a smile.
    I was impressed by the appearance.
    In the explanation of the company visit, look at the children and pregnant women (female perspective).
    I am attracted by the word that care is important and I am also a caring person
    I wanted to be.

    ·When you feel the most rewarding / growth
     With casual words and questionnaires such as “thank you” from customers
    When I received a compliment, the moment I thought it was good to work hard
    I feel the most rewarding.
    I was in the position I had been teaching before, but now I'm in an internship
    When I was in a position to teach people work, I felt growth.

    ·Favorite place of Rantei
     Everyone likes good friends regardless of age and gender.
    Also, please help each other and work when someone is not ready and ready.
    It ’s a natural mass of kindness, because it ’s natural to do it.
    I like it.

    ·Future goals
     So that you can do what you do n’t like
    Acquire the basic work contents of the room and the correspondence that suits the situation,
    Strive to move with confidence.