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Meeting plan information

Meetings / Trainings x Unusual Communication at Onsen Ryokan

  • In-house meetings and training at a hot spring inn.

    Peaceful nature, hot springs, and a quiet and relaxing environment.
    How about a meaningful hot spring meeting, a little step out of your usual meeting room?
    In an unusual environment, you may be able to discover new charms and unexpected aspects of your friends.

    After the meeting, drink with delicious food
    I understand that friendship will deepen.

    Of course, we have everything you need for the meeting.
    We hope that this will help you come up with new projects and projects.
  • Rantei you stay at Rantei, you will earn "Apa Point"!

    This facility is an official partner hotel of APA Hotel.
    Earn points by presenting "APA CARD".Please use it for business, privately and reasonably!

Rantei's corporate plan that can be selected according to purpose

  • Rantei's corporate plan range from those that we propose to your budget,
    In various forms, such as a conference plan and accommodation plan that comes with accommodation
    We respond to the needs of corporate customers.
  • Meeting / Training Accommodation plan

    In your alone like 12,250 yen (including tax), per day conference room available and one night dinner and breakfast deals plan
    In addition, we will provide free coffee to focus on the meeting.

    A large convention hall with 4 stages and a stage,
    We respond to various needs such as "Employee training", "New employee training" and "Employee travel"!

    《Guidance of rental exhibition》
    ◆Projector (1 day) …… 5,500 yen
    ◆Screen (1 day) ...... 5,500 yen
    ◆Meeting signboard… 5,000 yen
    ◆Banquet sign… 3,000 yen

    ※The above amount is tax included
    ※Only one meeting room can be used.Please contact us for additional venues.
    ※A separate hot spring tax of 150 yen / person will be charged.