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  2. Information for staying in the car

Information for staying in the car

We accept reservations for overnight stays at this facility

\ I started staying in the car! Feel free to contact us!  /

  • For those who wish to stay in a car where needs are increasing these days,
    We have started to provide a spacious parking lot for this facility.

    You can also take a hot spring bath and rent a BBQ stove.(Extra charge)
    Staying with pets is also welcome.

    Please stay calm and enjoy the natural environment away from the hustle and bustle.
    (The voices of insects and birds are lively... )

■  In-car night menu ■

  • ■One passenger car (check-in from 15:00 to 24:00, check-out to 10:00) ¥1,500-
    ■One garbage bag (collectable) ¥300-

    ■Hot spring bath 1 person (closed every Tuesday) ¥900-
    ■One face towel ¥110- 
    ■Bath towel rental 1 sheet ¥110-

    ■BBQ stove rental 1 unit (no charcoal/cleanup) ¥1,500-
    ■BBQ stove rental 1 unit (with charcoal and tidying) ¥2,500-
    ■Table tennis 1 hour (until 23:00) ¥500-

    ■Only at an inn! Luxury BBQ set for 1 person (2 people, reservation required by 3 pm, 3 days before) ¥4,400-
    ■Rantei specially made Shokado bento (lunchbox) 1 person (2 people, reservation required by 11:00 AM 3 days before) ¥1,650

    ■Free ice machine 3rd floor in front of elevator
    ■Various alcohol and soft drinks(There is a vending machine in front of the shop or the elevator on the 4th, 6th, 8th floor)
    ■Various massage and aroma beauty salons(3rd floor)

    ■Participation is free of charge when an event is held at this facility
    ■Dogs are allowed (children with basic discipline) Free
     ※Dogs who are not vaccinated and are in the heat (menstruation) cannot enter

    ※There is also a shop in the facility.Please feel free to use
     (Shop opening hours 7:30 to 10:00, 15:00 to 19:00 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays until 21:00)
    ※Beer garden is being held only in summer.Please feel free to drop in
    ※The above menus and prices may change without notice.
    ※All the above menus include tax.

■ Flow of use ■

  • ※Due to the limited number, we may not be able to accept reservations.Please understand in advance

    1) Please be sure to call in advance to let us know that you would like to stay in the car
      (Phone number 022-397-1515 / Telephone reception 8:30 to 20:30 /Acceptable on the day )
      Inquiry example:"〇Month〇Day,car〇Stand〇I would like to stay overnight in the car"

    ~On the day of arrival~
    1) Please check in at Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei Front Desk.
      We will inform you about the use and parking place.
      Please pay in advance.
    2) You will be given a parking permit upon check-in.
      Please be sure to show it in a visible position such as the dashboard.
    3) Relax and rest in the car or refresh yourself in the hot springs... Please spend it as you wish.
      We also have a variety of optional services available on the day.
    4) When returning, please return the parking permit at the front desk.

■ Important Request to Customers ■

  • ■Admission is strictly prohibited for those who may disturb the hotel or other guests.
     (Loud noise, loud music, late night activity, dogs barking... etc)
    ■No littering of garbage or illegal dumping of oversized trash is prohibited
    ■Do not forget the feeling of valuing nature, such as the flowers and lawns and forests in the garden
    ■Open fire is prohibited.Be sure to use a stove or charcoal tray
    ■The facility shall not be responsible for any troubles in the parking lot.
    ■Should you inconvenience others or cause trouble,
     You may be required to return at that time.
     At that time, please understand that parking fees and facility usage fees cannot be refunded.

■ For customers with dogs ■

  • ~ Enjoy a walk in the spacious garden or parking lot ~

    ■Only dogs with basic discipline (toilet, etc.).
    ■Only dogs that have been vaccinated against DPT vaccine or rabies.
    ■Dogs in the heat (menstruation) are not allowed to enter.
    ■Please be sure to use the lead on this site.
    ■This facility cannot be used with dogs.
    ■Please bring necessary items such as dog rice.
    ■We appreciate your cooperation in disposing of Hun.

    Many guests who are not dog-friendly or who are not good at this facility will visit our facility.
    We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to make your stay a pleasant one.