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  • During family pregnancy, babies and small children (infants and young children) and families traveling with me is something I care about.
    Rantei is aiming for hot spring hotel inns service where such people can feel free and enjoyable time with peace of mind.
    Mama Club "Berry" is a privileged membership club for mothers and pregnant women / baby kids.
    The target is a pregnant woman (pregnant woman) and a mama with children from 0 to 10 years old.
    If you are interested in joining us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
COCO BERRY privilege\, Happy benefits only for company reservations/

■Issuing coupons that can be used from the date of entry
■50% off bathing fees for adults and children from the day of enrollment
   Adult 900 yen → 450 yen
   Junior high school student 830 yen → 400 yen
   Elementary school students 500 yen → 250 yen
■Special plan only for members
■Early Check-in
■Late Check-out
■Candy à la carte
■Baby kids only room available

※It may be changed without notice. Please understand in advance

Recommended Plan

It is possible to reserve "non smoking room" in all COCO * plan

  • COCO * Family Gourmet plan

    Please enjoy popular creative dishes with plenty of seasonal ingredients.We will prepare kids lunch for babies and young children. Half wine for mom and daddy and soft drink for children. This good plan with a drink ticket available in the lounge.
    Dinner is "room" or "private room dining hall".
  • COCO * Family Anniversary

    Children's birthday and eating meals, Shichigosan 3, entrance · Graduation ... etc. Celebrations and anniversaries for each child's milestone, as well as birthday and marriage anniversary of mom and dad, perfect for family celebrations. It is a special plan"celebration cake" or "bouquet", drinks etc.
    Dinner is "room" or "private room dining hall".
  • COCO * Three generations hot cut plan

    I would like to enjoy hot-spring trips with my grandfathers and grandmothers together.Feeling the warmth of the family, it is a relief plan.We are preparing a friendly service even for people with disabilities such as elderly and body, so please come at ease.
    Dinner is "room" or "private room dining hall".