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\, Announcement back number from RANTEI/

  • \ "Fire Safety Certification Mark system" was issued/

    I have received accreditation for conformity to the display standards this time.
    Please use the hotel safely and with confidence.

    【, About the Fire Safety Certification Mark,】
    As unspecified number of people use the accommodation facilities, fire department plans to prepare plans for initial fire fighting and evacuation guidance at the time of fire and implementation of training, installation of fire fighting equipment such as fire fighting equipment and alarm equipment etc. , Management of stairs and evacuation outlets, etc., various fire protection safety measures are taken.
    When the firefighting agency examines that these measures are taken appropriately and is recognized that "Fire Safety Certification Mark" meets standards concerning fire prevention safety such as important building structures besides firefighting decrees It is issued.
  • \, Non-smoking rooms will be increased! /

    The non-smoking room of the hotel will be increased from August 20th!
    In addition to the 8th floor rooms on the higher floors, all rooms are also non-smoking on the 7th floor.It has been a nice accommodation for those who do not have children or tobacco more than before. Of course, there are smoking rooms and smoking areas, so when you make your reservation please specify your room type.
    (Some Japanese rooms are non smoking rooms, All special rooms / Western rooms are non smoking.)
  • \, Tiger's science experimental classroom held/

    Science Tora's Fun Fun Delivery ~ Experiment Classroom ~

    ■Period: 8/15 from August 13, 2018
    ■Time: 19: 45 to 20: 30
    ■Place: on the second floor lounge
    ■Free to participate·No entry fee

    Academic is play! Tora-san of science active in the prefecture as a motto.
    Let's make fluffy slime with water to magically capture!
    Everyone who is staying at Rantei can participate.
  • \, Garden pool will OPEN/

    Hot summer will come this year too!
    Both adults and children will play with plenty!

    ■Business period: July 21, 2018(soil)~ 8/26(Day)
    ■Opening hours: 9: 00-12: 00, 13:00 to 17:00
    ■Depth of water: For adults 95 cm, Children's shallow water 45 cm

    【, One-day hot springs+Swimming Pool, 】
    Adult ¥ 900, Elementary school student 500 yen(Tax included)

    ※Accommodation guests are free
    ※It may be canceled due to the weather.Please note
    ※Only for day trip hot springs every Tuesday will be canceled for equipment inspection.
  • \ Beauty salon Salon has been reborn /

    Renewal April 21, 2018 OPEN!
    With a natural feeling of warmth,
    I am waiting for your visit from the bottom of my heart.