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Recommended Plan

\, Introduction of Rantei Recommended plan/

We will introduce only the seasonal plan and popular plan of our standard staple.
If you would like to see all the plan, please visit "Reservation".

※Check-in 15:00 from Wednesday, April 1, 2020,
Check out at 10:00.Please understand※

※For consultation regarding food allergies, please contact us 3 days in advance.
(We may not be able to respond.Please understand)
  • Family celebration is decided at Rantei!

    Making memories of an important family trip! “OO is allergic” “Since the foot is bad, close to the elevator” “I want to surprise and please”… Please feel free to contact us if you have any minor concerns. We will do our best to make you smile!
  • Luxury BBQ at the inn

    I'm outside! Easy and easy BBQ with your family and friends! The luxurious BBQ with the added effort of an inn allows you to enjoy plenty of 7 kinds of meat and 3 kinds of seafood! Enjoy in a party mood!
  • Groups·Group plan

    Group / group plan recommended for Alumni association · Circle gathering · company's welcome reception party, forgotten annual party etc. Please click here!

    ※Please feel free to contact us.
    Call or info@akiu-rantei.com
    ※The photograph is an imContinue reading
  • The most popular in the Kyokusui Zen(Standard Kaiseki Meal)]

    This facility's most popular “Kyokusui Zen” is lined with Sanriku seafood and seasonal mountain Kyokusui Zen. The seasonal rice bowl is full of delicious flavors that make your face smashed.
  • Luxury of Sendai Beef and abalone "Ran-Tei Zen"

    If you want to taste luxury gourmet "Ran-Tei Zen" is recommended!
    Whatever you are looking forward to, it's soft and juicy "Sendai Beef steak"! The taste of fine oil is the best. In addition, you can enjoy plentiful seasonal seafood and mountaiContinue reading
  • Sendai specialty "Beef Tong Ceramic Plate Burning plan"

    After all I want to eat Sendai specialty "beef tongue"!
    Leave it. Recommended plan grilled Japanese food + thick beef tender pottery. Please enjoy delicious beef tongue with your favorite grill with ceramic board!
  • coco series which is kind with children

    Traveling with young children is anxious. Rantei is a friend of such a family! We have prepared the coco berry series full of benefits for your family so that you can enjoy it with your family without any anxiety. From the reasonable plan only fContinue reading
  • Princess feeling! "Women's meeting plan"

    Go out on a journey and release stress! Entering a hot spring with a well-matched friend and having a chat ... , Support such a girls' association!

    ◇◆Princess bonus◆◇
    1. "Locate Yukata, obi, geta".
    2. Girls meeting in the room! sake·Bringing Continue reading
  • Rantei you stay at Rantei, you will earn "Apa Point"!

    This facility is an official partner hotel of APA Hotel.
    Earn points by presenting "APA CARD".
    Please use it for business, privately and reasonably!
  • Corporate meeting plan

    In an unusual environment, you may be able to discover new charms and surprising aspects of your friends.
    We would be happy if you could go a little out of your usual meeting room and relax in the peaceful nature and hot springs to help you comeContinue reading