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Job Information

Women and young staff are also active workplaces

The work of a hot spring inn is made up of many professionals helping each other.

Although there are many cases where the customer service directly contacting customers is seen as the main,
Facilities management, reservation management, sales planning, etc. There are places for a wide range of activities.
The whole staff is working together for customers' excitement and joy.

Not only food and drink, but also accompanied by lodging, it is also characteristic that guests stay for a long time.
You will be able to feel joyfully through your contacts with you during that stay.

Also, many women and young people are active in each section.
It is a bright workplace filled with "thanks" even among customers and employees.

Because we accept international student internship at our hotel,
It is also recommended for those interested in international exchange.
In addition, we have a single dormitory in a fully-private room, so it is also recommended for people who want to start living alone.

"Thank you.I will come again "for one word,
Why do not you join forces with us and grow up?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • For inquiries about entry, please contact the General Affairs Division

    Please tell me "Look at HP's recruitment information".
    Feel free to call us.
    (022-397-1515, Reception From 9:00 to 17:00)
    A word from every senior staff to everyone
  • Application Requirements

    Job category

    Comprehensive work

    Job Description

    Services/Front desk staff, Night front Desk person, Service staff,
    Buckwheat·Karaoke room, Beverage service staff, Shop clerk
    Clerical work/Reservations, Accounting clerk
    management/Facility manager
    Also, Candidate candidate for each section

    Starting salary

    165,000 yen(Pay attention)~


    Commuter allowance (with maximum limit / up to 15,000 yen), favorable experience (required consultation), salary increase

    Daily work schedule·Holidays

    Shift system, two-day weekly system (with holidays from 7th to 8th holiday), 10 days paid holiday
    Working hours vary depending on each section.

    Treatment · Welfare benefits etc.

    Various Social Insurance, Retirement payment system, maternity leave·Acquisition of childcare leave acquisition,
    Employee cafeteria available (lunch / dinner), uniformed, with retirement age equal 60 years old,
    Work extension extended with re-employment Even though it is 65 years old, it is possible to apply even if it is over 60 years old · Consultation required
    There is training on entry to the company.Please do not worry because our full-time education staff is also on duty.
    There is a company dividing use inside the facility.


    ■There is a single dormitory in a fully-private room and a 1-minute walk on the premises of the inn!
    1 room in one room, boys dormitory / girls' dorm in a separate building
    Each room has air conditioning, sink, electric stove, bath and toilet.
    Coin laundry available Paying
    Dormitory fee Monthly 10,000 yen, Photothermal expenses separately, Free Parking
    Because it is not a shared room, private is also kept.
    ■There is a bus stop for the bus line in front of the Rantei entrance!
    Shibuya - Sendai Station is about 40 minutes and shopping, eating and sightseeing is also easy!