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Rantei's hospitality

I am aiming for the best in kind at Akiho Hot Springs

The purpose of visiting varies from customer to customer.
I will be happy to assist you with special time with important people,
It is a great pleasure to let you feel that you have had a better time.

The hotel has a beauty salon · Momihikukushi · club · table tennis etc.
We have all the facilities to heal and enjoy your tiredness.
In addition to the hotel, we also offer advice on sightseeing and shopping information.

If there is consultation · request, please do not hesitate to ask.
Trying to "do not care but keep it," try hard for a fun service like Wanli,
I am waiting for the coming of everyone from the bottom of my heart.


Female and baby · kids friendly place

Families with small children are at Rantei,
We support elderly people, those with handicapping.

"Traveling overnight is uneasy ..."
For those who say, we have a service that you can stay at ease.
Please feel free to contact us.
  • Child's hot spring debut at Rantei! "Rantei Coco*Berry"

    Pregnant women (pregnant women), babies, children traveling with families are somewhat concerned about their circumstances, do not they?
    "Rantei Coco*Berry" aims to be a hot spring ryokan where such people can feel free and enjoyable and elegant.
  • Elderly people and handicapped persons also go to Rantei

    • Rantei can be enjoyed together without hesitation

      Even if you want to go on a trip with elderly people, those with physical disabilities, those requiring nursing care such as wheelchairs, "Will not it cause inconvenience?" "Go with only young people" I'd like people who are somewhat disappointed to have fun with it.Rantei is a wishes from the heart of Rantei.
  • Stay more comfortable! Fulfilling lending goods

  • If it's Rantei, leave overseas guests and surrounding sightseeing!

    • There is a staff resident in the hotel that can accommodate foreign languages

      Foreign staff are also active at our hotel.
      For that reason, English, Chinese, Vietnamese etc,
      We can respond to staff so we reside,
      Invitation of overseas guests and personal travel of foreign guests as well
      Please choose for me!
    • Leave your surrounding sightseeing! Akiu·Sendai·Matsushima·Zao···

      The hotel is familiar with the surrounding attractions
      There are a lot of staff!
      In addition to the original handwritten MAP pasting the link below, we also offer nearby original MAPs such as Matsushima and Zao, so please feel free to voice!
      It is full of usable petit information!
  • Rantei it comes to VIP club with Rantei Cattleya...

    • Rantei wishes to be closer to you

      Rantei use tickets inside Rantei facilities for each use

      Cattleya you become a member of the VIP Club who is a Cattleya...
      ☆彡, Receive a voucher inside Rantei facilities for each use,☆彡

      Receive in-facility tickets for 1,000 yen per night!
      Receive 500 yen worth of in-facility tickets for each day use!
      Half a bathing fee for adults and children since the day of membership!
         Adult 900 yen → 450 yen
         Junior high school student 830 yen → 400 yen
         Elementary school students 500 yen → 250 yen

      Drinks at dinner room · Room Refrigerator · Lounge · Ran no Go · Orchid · Stay available at lunch · shop · various beauty salons! It is available from the day (use period is within 3 months from issue date)