It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Sendai station.Heartful Rantei stay wrapped in Orchid Kaori.Best price guarantee that reservation from HP guarantees
Oshu, Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei
Best price guarantee that reservation from HP guarantees

【Official】ohshu akiuonsen rantei

Welcome back.To Heartful Rantei...

\, The reservation from the official website here is a good price! /

This is Sendai City Akiho Hot Springs.
It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Sendai station.High speed IC is also very close and outstanding access.
Nestled in Sendai's Okuzashiki and Akiho Hot Springs, the hotel welcomes guests in a rich natural environment.

Cherry blossoms / fresh green in spring, sunset in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, snow makeup in winter.
Various beautiful scenery and clear air for each season enrich people's mind.
Rantei you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from everywhere, including lobby and rooms.

A nice thing of "city" and "satoyama".
That is Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei.


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Hotel Name

Oshu, Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei


7-1 Kidoho, Akiumachi Yumoto, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

Telephone number



Sendai station - 30 minutes by car (free parking available)
14 o'clock on weekdays Sendai station east exit - free shuttle bus service(Reservation required)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Free Shuttle Bus Available: Weekdays only, until the day before "reservation needed".【Greeted】Sendai station east exit at 14:00【Feed】Hotel 10: 30 departure.Approximate travel time is about 30 minutes.Rantei Mae, if you use the Sendai West Liner bus, get off at "Rantei Mae", if you use the Miyagi Traffic Bus, get off at "Akiu Bunka no Sato Center" → pick up and pick up (required contact)
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\, Rantei PR Movie/

\, RANTEI summer push information/

  • Special Rantei made by Rantei"Hibimushi"

    From 1st July 2018
    Introducing the Kyokusui Zen Irodori Zen Ran-Tei Zen

    ■Cooked rice which chief chef chooses carefully selected eel and cooks it fragrantly.
    ■The soup stock is the best soup of konbu and bonito that elegant flavor stands out
    ■Savor the taste with six kinds of condiments, wasabi, nori, laver, long green onions, ginger, burdock and sesame seeds.

    The way to eat is as it is, with spices, and sprinkling with soup.
    Please enjoy a delicious Rantei special "Hitomushoshi" three times.

    ※The photograph is an image
  • Tora 's fun experimental classroom of science!

    Science Tora's Fun Fun Delivery ~ Experiment Classroom ~

    ■Period: 8/15 from August 13, 2018
    ■Time: 19: 45 to 20: 30
    ■Place: on the second floor lounge
    ■Free to participate·No entry fee

    Academic is play! Tora-san of science active in the prefecture as a motto.Let's make fluffy slime with water to magically capture! Everyone who is staying at Rantei can participate.
  • Enjoy the summer! event information

    Rantei cheer for making everyone's memories of summer!
    Fireworks from the guest room, Kids squares, etc. in the outdoor pool
    We are preparing family fun, friends and enjoyable hospitality.
    We are preparing a lot.
    We are waiting for your reservation in that period!

\, Notice from RANTEI/

  • \, Non-smoking rooms will be increased! /

    The non-smoking room of the hotel will be increased from August 20th!
    In addition to the 8th floor rooms on the higher floors, all rooms are also non-smoking on the 7th floor.It has been a nice accommodation for those who do not have children or tobacco more than before.Of course, there are smoking rooms and smoking areas, so when you make your reservation please specify your room type.
    (Some Japanese rooms are non smoking rooms, All special rooms / Western rooms are non smoking.)
  • \ 【7/21 to 8/26】Summer swimming pool /

    This year we will also open outdoor pool of Rantei!
    Guests of the hotel can use it free of charge,
    Please bring me a swim wear.

    Business period: from July 21, 2018 to August 26
    Opening hours: 9: 00-12: 00, 13:00 to 17:00
    Water depth for adults 95 cm, Shallow for children 45 cm
    ※It may be closed due to the weather

    【One-day hot springs+Swimming Pool】
    Adult ¥ 900, Elementary school student 500 yen(Tax included)
    ※Only for day trip hot springs every Tuesday will be canceled for equipment inspection.
  • \ Beauty salon Salon has been reborn /

    Renewal April 21, 2018 OPEN!
    With a natural feeling of warmth,
    I am waiting for your visit from the bottom of my heart.

\ Easy access from the center of Sendai city! /

  • Easily on the bus! Especially Western liner bus is recommended

    【, If you use a free shuttle bus,】
    Free Shuttle Bus Available: Weekdays only, until the day before 'required advance booking'.
    <Greeted>14:00 departs from Sendai station east exit, "Send" hotel 10:30 departs, required time about 35 minutes.

    【, If you use the bus,】
    ■If you use Takeya Transportation, get off at "Rantei Mae".
     (Sendai Seibu liner) Sendai station west exit number 63 pilgrimage "Akiho Hot Springs · Kawasaki town" About 40 minutes
    ■If you use the Miyagi Traffic Bus, get off at "Akiu Bunka no Sato Center" → transfer available (required contact)
     (Quick quick Akiu line)Sendai station west entrance bus pool No. 8 pilot "Akiho Hot Springs bound" about 30 minutes
     (Akiu line)Sendai station west entrance Bus pool No. 8 stop "Akiho Hot Springs bound for about 50 minutes

Booking·Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Reception hours 8: 00-20: 00