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Akiho Hot Springs is about 30 minutes by car from JR Sendai Station.
It is a popular tourist destination because of good transportation by IC and bus.

It is well accessible to both the mountain area and the sea area and is also ideal for sightseeing base.

Many customers say "To worry about snow because it is Tohoku..."
Actually there is not much snow in Akiho Hot Springs.
With the warm sunshine in the daytime, most of the snow will snap off soon.

The hotel boasts of good accessibility

Google Map

Hotel Name

Oshu, Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei


7-1 Kidoho, Akiumachi Yumoto, Taihaku Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture

Telephone number



Sendai station - 30 minutes by car (free parking available)
14 o'clock on weekdays Sendai station east exit - free shuttle bus service(Reservation required)

Pick-up presence (condition)
Free Shuttle Bus Available: Weekdays only, until the day before "reservation needed".【Greeted】Sendai station east exit at 14:00【Feed】Hotel 10: 30 departure.Approximate travel time is about 30 minutes.Rantei Mae, if you use the Sendai West Liner bus, get off at "Rantei Mae", if you use the Miyagi Traffic Bus, get off at "Akiu Bunka no Sato Center" → pick up and pick up (required contact)

Excellent Access Each IC is just around the corner, and the front entrance of the hotel is a bus stop

  • 【, If you use a car,】

    【To Tokyo】Urawa IC⇒ Tohoku motorway(About 4 hours)⇒Sendai Minami IC → via R 286(About 15 minutes)

    【Directions to Morioka】Morioka IC⇒ Tohoku motorway(About 2 hours)⇒Sendai Miyagi IC ⇒ via R48(About 20 minutes)

    【Directions to Yamagata】Yamagata Zao IC ⇒ Yamagata·Tohoku Expressway(About 30 minutes)⇒Miyagi Kawasaki IC → via R 286(About 20 minutes)

    ■200 free parking spaces are provided
    ■Guests with limited mobility · Customers with small children will have private space, so please contact us.
    ■There is a charging stand for electric vehicles.
  • 【, When using a train,】

    【To Tokyo】JR Tokyo Station ⇒ JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line(About 1 hour 30 minutes)⇒JR Sendai Station

    【Directions to Morioka】JR Morioka Station ⇒ JR Tohoku Shinkansen(About 40 minutes)⇒JR Sendai Station

    【Directions to Yamagata】JR Yamagata Station ⇒ JR Senyama Line Rapid(Minimum about 1 hour 5 minutes)⇒JR Sendai Station
  • 【, If you use the free shuttle bus,】

    <, Operation time, >※Monday to Friday service

    Sendai station east exit, Departure at 14:00 ⇒ Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei(About 30 minutes)
    Akiho Hot Springs, Rantei, 10:30 departure ⇒ Sendai Station(About 30 minutes)

    ■It will be departing from JR Sendai Station East Gate · sightseeing bus parking lot.(Please check the location of the linked site)
    ■Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are closed. From Monday morning's Rantei also closed.Saturday 10:30 Rantei departure departs.
    ■Advance reservation is required for shuttle bus.Please note that it will end as soon as the capacity reaches capacity.
     (If you do not have a reservation, it will not operate)
    ■This service is only for those who booked accommodation plan

    ※If it is less than the traveling capacity, there is it when it is canceled. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
  • 【, If you use the bus,】

    【, When using Takeya Transportation from JR Sendai Station,】
    <Sendai West Liner>Sendai station west exit number 63 pole "Akiho Hot Springs · Kawasaki town" About 40 minutes
    ⇒Get off at "Rantei Mae".Very easy as the bus stop is in front of the entrance of the hotel! it's recommended.
    ※Since the green diamond (April to November) and the winter diamond (December to March) are different, please confirm.

    【, When using Miyagi Traffic Bus from JR Sendai Station,】
    <Rapid·Via the West Road>Sendai station west entrance bus pool No. 8 pilot "Akiho Hot Springs bound" about 30 minutes
    <Via Nagamachi Nishi-ga>Sendai station west entrance Bus pool No. 8 stop "Akiho Hot Springs bound for about 50 minutes
    ⇒Get off at "Akiu Bunka no Sato Center".Sato Cente is a 7-minute walk from the Sato Cente to the hotel.Pick-up service is also available (contact required)

    【, When using Sendai municipal bus from Aiko station of JR,】
    <Akiho Hot Springs·Two-way line>JR Aiko station bus stop "Two mouth" "Nojiri town north" "Uenohara" It is about 15 minutes either
    ⇒Get off at "Akiu Bunka no Sato Center".Sato Cente is a 7-minute walk from the Sato Cente to the hotel.Pick-up service is also available (contact required)
  • 【, When using an airplane (Sendai Airport),】

    【, When using Takeya Transportation from Sendai Airport,】
    <Sendai Seibu Airport Liner>Sendai Airport bus stop "Michinoku Park Line" about 45 minutes
    ⇒"Akiu·Get off at Sato Cente.Sato Cente is a 7-minute walk from the Sato Cente to the hotel.Pick-up service is also available (contact required)